Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

Yes, I know we are a year and a half late...but here are some of our wedding pictures! We finally recieved some. We got married on January 5th 2007 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. It pretty much was the coldest day of our lives. I had no jacket or the time we got done taking pictures it felt like needles stabbing my hands. But I tell you was worth every minute!!!

This was at our Reception.
This was our cool cake. It was perfect...I would have to say that it was the best part of our reception!!!
Here are our parents...(minus my dad, not sure where he was in this picture). January 5th was the best day of my life! We have more pictures but we will need to fix them!


Courtney Lennberg said...

Hurray! I LOVE seeing your pics! And, hello? Your cake WAS to die for--so stinkin cute! You guys are awesome. Thanks for being our friends. Seriously. And thanks for the good root brew that sits in my fridge. I'm saving it til tomorrow when the depression that comes with each monday sinks in :) Call us.

Anonymous said...
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tadd&cat said...

I'm so happy you posted these, I haven't seen any professional ones! Your colors were awesome, I love how classy they were. And the CAKE! Amazing! We miss you!

aLiCe said...

Your hair looks darker here than I remember. But I still loves it. You need to come visit! Its been way too long Carebear. Come visit in May because I'm moving in June!
Mary is getting a boob job!
Love you!

Kibibe said...

Well said.