Sunday, July 13, 2008

Picnic to Rock Creek

After spending a few days with my family, we went over to Brent's house and spent a few days there. (Brent and I decided to take a few extra days off from work so we had like a 5 day weekend!) Monday we decided to go to Rock Creek for a picnic. I used to go up there for girls camp quite a bit.
Here we are getting ready to eat our lunch!
Here is Brent waving as I'm taking a picture of him!
After our picnic we got in the car and kept on driving. It was a beautiful drive. Lots of flowers and what not.
Okay in this picture....I know you can't see it very well but in the top right corner you see a dot of white...well that is snow. Yes in July there is still snow in the mountains. Imagine that!
Here is a picture of Brent's parents! Here is me and Brent! We really had a great 4th of July. To end the great Vacation we had a chance to go on a private tour of the Twin Falls Temple! It made the trip complete. It is such a beautiful temple. I recommend all go to go sometime and check it out! Thanks family for such a great Holiday!!!

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