Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Both me and Brent had to work on Friday so we ended up staying home on Thanksgiving Day and had dinner with just the two of us. It was great. We still had a big dinner with potatoes, rolls, turkey, stuffing and Martinellias to drink!

We then topped off our meal with this wonderful home made Dutch Apple Pie with Carmel! Boy that was the best part of Thanksgiving. After we had lunch, we both took a nap. Another best thing was we didn't even have to get out of our jammies. That's the way EVERY Thanksgiving should be!!!

We ended up going to Rupert/Burley for the weekend. We had Thanksgiving Dinner with my mom's side of the family. My one brother was there with his wife Joni and daughter Ava. Me and Ava have had a great bonding since she was born. When she was a baby we used to hang out on the couch and watch cartoons all morning! (Watching cartoons is right up my ally too.) So on Thanksgiving she was my little shadow. We were hunting for Rabbits for most of the day. She was so stinking cute that I just had to take a picture of her with her little mouse ears, toy gun, and my little bike that I used to ride when I was her age. Then after we were done hunting Rabbits we played Barbies and ate Otter Pops!! (Clint, I thought of you guys and knew you would love this picture!)
We also got to see 2 of my mom's sisters. One of them is from California and Brent has never met her so it was nice to see her and her family. We then went over to Brent's parents house and had a great time playing games and hanging out!! The weekend went by all too fast but that is just the beginning because Christmas is right around the cor nor!!! We are so grateful and thankful to have such a great family!!!


Heather said...

Holy Cow,
That could be YOU sitting on the pink trike!!!! I can't believe how much Ava has grown! I haven't seen her since July, it's crazy how fast time flys. I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving, your pie looked awesome.
Lots of Love,

The Branderson said...

You looked like you guys had fun. Call us sometime when you get bored.

Clint said...

Caroline, I want a piece of your pie! Avers is so stinken cute I can't hardley stand it. She really looks like a mini-me Carrie in that picture. Brings back memories.......

The Seamons Family said...

it was fun running into you guys at Costa! we need to run into each other more often! let's work on that:)

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