Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

Wow where do we begin? We have been out of town and when we aren't out of town we are hanging out with our friends and working! We had a great Christmas. We ended up going home on Christmas Eve and we went over to Brents brothers house for a party. I thought I would do a fun game and so I got on the Internet and found a good one where you get pantie hose (a new pair) and then you get balloons and then you make antlers and decorate it with bows and etc! Our nieces loved the was really fun. We also played Bingo and open some gifts.
Lucky I got off of work early on Christmas Eve so we were able to make it to Burley before the storm hit. After we left Scott and Amber's house we went to Brent's parents house and the wind was picking up. It was blowing very hard and they had some pretty fluffy snow. We played games and then we went to bed so Santa could come and Brent work up at 4:30 insisting that we should open presents but I talked him into sleeping in for a while longer. When we woke up we really had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! There was drifts all over the place and I didn't think that we were going to be able to make it over to my mom's house. We saw the snow plow go past the house a few times and we decided to venture out. We made it to my moms safely where Santa had visited us there too. We had breakfast there and then my brother came and hung out and then we went over to my dads for in the evening! We really had a great time getting to be with our family's for the holidays! It was nice because we didn't have to go back to work on Friday so we didn't feel rushed at all. When we were going back to Brent's parents house on Christmas night the wind had picked up again and the roads were really bad. We were busting drifts and snow was going up and over the car. It was pretty crazy!

Here is a picture of a BIG SNOW DRIFT in the back of Brent's parents house. Scott started to build a fort out it! We ended up going over to my moms house on Friday night and we went bowling and played games the rest of the weekend! It was a great Christmas. I was really sad to have to leave our family's but we had to go back to work on Monday.

(I love this picture of Lee Ann drinking her Lemonade! I should of took more)
Last year Brent's parents came up to Boise for the New Year and they played games with us and ate pizza and what not. It was super fun. They decided to come back again this year and we did the same. We played games and ate pizza and went shopping on New Years Day. That was really fun...I always love to shop! We can't wait to see what the new year had in store for us with moving to Utah for the summer with Brent's internship and he will be Graduating in December and then we will be moving onto our next chapter in life!!!

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