Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This last weekend me and Brent had the opportunity to go up to Spanish Fork Canyon with our friends John, Kelli and Brent (John's brother) to shoot guns. We had a blast!! It was really pretty and green up there too. Everyone was taking turns shooting guns and Brent was like "Okay Carrie, its your turn now!" I was like "Naaa I'm good. I'll just watch!"
I haven't shot a gun since my senior year when we went to Prom. We went on a BIG group date and everyone shot and me and Katie were the only girls that hit a clay pigeon!!! That's because us true farm girls know how to do it right!
Well, after watching Kelli hit a few I figure ahh what the heck, I can do it!! To say the least, I shot 2 clay pigeons out of 3. Haha I wanted to stop there because I figure I was doing pretty good. Brent was doing a good job at reminding me how to hold the gun and what not. I owe it up to my brothers too! I know that they would be so proud of me shooting a 12 gauge shotgun! When we were younger, we would always go out on the farm and look for rock chucks and other random wild life!
To say the least, we really had a great time!


Adam & Michelle Gooch said...

When you first started talked about clay pigeons...thats what I thought about too was our senior prom, that was so fun! And way to go...2 out of 3!!

Clint said...

Nice Job on Shooten those clays! You make me proud-Your Oldest Bro.