Friday, August 7, 2009


This last week we went home for an evening and my mom offered to give us some fresh produce from her wonderful garden! I was super excited so I got my thinking cap on and wanted to make a yummy dinner!
Well, we just love Salmon so we had that with some fresh red potatoes, which are sooo delicious fresh out of the garden, as my mom would say, "It tastes like candy!" Then some fresh veggies to top it off!!! Brent and I were in HEAVEN!
(Me and my mom a few weeks ago in St. George)
Thanks Mamma for sharing with us! We can't wait to hopefully have a wonderful garden like you next year!!


Lindsay said...

Impressive Carrie--looks absolutely delicious! You are quite the little homemaker, aren't you!

deanna said...

Yummy...can I come over for dinner?