Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This last Labor Day Weekend we had a chance to go to Sun Valley to spend time with Dad and Lupe then headed to Burley to spend time with our other families! We went to Sun Valley on Thursday night because we don't have cable here in Boise and that was the night Boise St. was playing the Oregon Ducks! VERY IMPORTANT!!! (Let alone, Brent doesn't have school on Fridays either) So, my dad and Lupe met us up there and we had a Nacho buffet and we stuffed ourselves and watched the game! The next day we hung around checked out some yard sales and went to the CHOCOLATE FACTORY and got this delicious apple!! YUM-O whats a trip to Sun Valley without going to the Chocolate Factory?!
To say the least we got spoiled up there too! Lupe fixed us some of her famous ribs that fell off the bone and melted in your mouth!! Now that we are back from vacations we are working out to pay the price!!

We went to the car show when we were there! Brent was in HEAVEN! There were a lot of older GTO so he took a few pictures.
We then headed to Burley on Saturday night and spent the rest of the time with Brent's family! It was fun having a fire pit and cooking hot dogs and marshmallows, hanging out with Scott and the fam, playing games and racing out to church!!;)

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