Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back in Boise!

We are in Boise and we have survived our first week and a half so far! Things are going great. First, we got to our apt. and our friends came to help us move in! Thank you!! We live in a great neighbor hood. Everyone is so friendly! Brent is taking about 12 credits his last semester of school! So, to say the least, he has some free time on his hands. Here are a few things we have been doing since we have some free time together......

Here is our wonderful swimming pool!! We love to go and hang out there, catch some Vitamin D!

This is our favorite TV show, Scurbs. Season 8 just came out last Tuesday and to say the least we finished it on Sunday! Haha

I will be starting work sometime at the bank. They have been rearranging people so I have been lucky to hang out with Brent. I have also been taking advantage hanging out with our friends and going out to lunch with them and doing things that we usually don't get to do! We are definitely LIVING it UP while this is our last and final semester at school!!!! We currently don't have the Internet so I come with Brent to school every now and then and will update our blog. I took pictures of our place but the computer doesn't have a slot of my card. So that will just have to wait!

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deanna said...

So sad I missed you. Go scrubs!