Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, time has come for us to sell one of our cars. Since Brent has started work, they gave him a work pickup so therefore that would leave us with 3 cars. (Gosh, the baby has a car and it isn't even born yet!) So we decided to elimate one vehicle. So we put Brents pickup up for sale and we had a few people interested but no catches. Well, as I was blog hopping around, I found a friend that was in need of a new car! So I informed her that we have an extra that we could sell. Well things worked out and they ended up buying Oj! I won't lie, I was sad having to give up Oj. But, I am glad knowing that she is going to a good family and they will take good care of her as much as I did!! So as for now, I get to drive Burt around. Which has been fun since we are in the process of looking for a SUV of some sort! Nice thing is that we don't have to get something right now and we get to look around until we find what we want!!!
(Kate this one is for you, my Ford girl!!)


Sarah said...

Carrie-we're still upset we didn't know you were going to sell your car...we would have bought it in a heartbeat; I'm still driving my '95 Honda! Which I still LOVE, but it is definately getting time to get something a little newer.


LOVE the truck Care!! Takes a true country girl to ride around in one of those!!
love you