Monday, June 28, 2010

Golf 101

This last weekend, we thought we would play a little family golf! I haven't played much since I've been pregnant and my golf clubs are somewhere in the back of our storage unit! So I figure I can use a combination of Brent's and my moms clubs! To say the least, I have NEVER played so good in my life. I almost got my first hole in one, the ball rolled up onto the green and then bounced off the pin and rolled a few feet away! Holy moly, maybe this baby is going to be a pro golfer!! He was for sure my good luck charm. We played best ball, so we were always playing my ball or Steve's.

Here I am, thinking about joining the LPGA!! (Hmm...I wonder if they have a pregnant league)
Aww...Gram and Steveo!!!

1 comment:

Clint said...

Looks like fun!!! You are a pretty cute pregnant golfer.