Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What have you been up to?

I always have people ask me what I do to stay busy. Well with moving, unpacking, family, etc I've taken on an extra project that I thought would be a fun adventure. My mom had this old rocking chair down stairs in one of the spare bedrooms. She told me I could have it if I want. The only thing is that my brother took a screw driver to the seat when he was 3 years old so it was a bit distressed! I thought this would be perfect if I sanded it down and painted it white to go in the baby's room! I've never done something like this so I was up for adventure. Sanding took a few days...I've painted it white and I just love how its turned out! I wouldn't say that this is my new hobby but I did enjoy doing it and it has more meaning to me too. I tried not to sand out the marks my brother made so that I can show the baby and tell him about his Uncle Clinto and how silly he was!!
I'm waiting to show you what the chair will look like in the baby's bedroom so that you can get the full affect! I still have a few touch ups that I need to do too!

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Heather said...

How sweet Carrie, all of it... the chair, your belly,the house and even stinky! So good to make memories like those, you'll love looking back and remembering!