Tuesday, October 19, 2010


On 10.10.10 we blessed Dane! He was such a good boy. I used Brent's blessing outfit that he wore. He was just so handsome! It was fun to have so much family around! Thanks to Brent that gave him such a wonderful blessing and here are a few pictures that we captured during the day!

This is a typical look that he usually has! Dane loves his cute monkey quilt that Grandma Turpin made for him! I love it too...it turned out perfect!!!

My brother and his family came down from Washington for the weekend so it was fun getting to hang out with Vy and Bo and watching them bond with Dane! Vy was so good with him!

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Courtney said...

That quilt is to die for! Do the ears, and arms and legs all "come off" the quilt? As in, are they 3-dimensional?

Oh my gosh, that cute baby and cute blanket are too too much!