Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 Years

Me and Brent celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary yesterday! It was a good one. We were in Pasco, WA last weekend so my sis in law watched Dane for us while we went out to dinner. Its weird leaving for the first time...its like something is missing! But it was fun to just be with Brent! I still wanted to make yesterday special even though we weren't going out, so I ordered Shon Hings (Chinese food), made a cheese cake and bought Despicable Me for Brent! He just so happened to surprise me with some yellow roses!!! We splurged on each other this year and bought some new sunglasses!
Here are a few random pictures that captured the special day!!

Aww yes me and my Diet Coke...some things never change!
My nephew Brogan found the chocolates while no one was looking! Some of my besties that came to the temple to see me!


cat+tadd=sam said...

Happy Anniversary! Remember how you, Jobi and Hilary were all married the same day? So weird! And remember how dang cold it was that day!?

Heather said...

Time passes so quickly and yes I too remember how cold it was that day. Clint and I can't get over how cute Brogan was, he still hasn't lost that sweet tooth. Congrats on 4 I'm sure there will be 104 more!