Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In between Christmas and New Years, Brent's work gave him the whole week off! We wanted to do something fun but we just couldn't decide. Well on Tuesday morning we got up and packed our bags not knowing where we were going for sure...well 5 minutes before we walked out the door I called my Bro in Washington and told him we were on our way and we were going to come and stay with them for the rest of the week! Boy, were we all so excited...I was a little nervous about the roads because there was a nasty storm on its way...but Brent was such a great husband and he knew that I wanted to go so bad. He was a champ and drove us there safely. Dane did FABULOUS...we only had to stop once to get gas and I figured that I had better feed him and then he just slept and hung out the rest of the time.
The week consisted of games, LOTS of laughing, delicious food, shopping, hockey games, date night, watching movies and just hanging out as a family!
Vy and Bo just LOVED Dane! They were so good with him and they helped me so much watching him and changing him etc!
Here we are before we went out and had lunch and did some shopping! Bo and Brent were buddy's the whole time!
We decided to be brave and take Dane to his first hockey game! He did great. The cheering and loud horns didn't bother him at fact he fell asleep! Such a good and cute little boy!

Bo and Dane had the same shammies with frogs on them so they had to wear them on the same night!!
Clint and Heather talked us into leaving Dane and going out on a date one night! So we took advantage of it and we had stuch a great time! Thanks for watchin Dane for us and thanks so much for letting us come and crash at your house! Dane loves you guys so much and he is already counting down the days until he gets to see you again!!
(Heather, hope you don't mind that I took some of your pictures!!)

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Heather said...

We are so glad you came. We just love little Danish! I'm glad you borrowed some pictures. I love the bloggin' world:)