Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Island Park

This last weekend we had a chance to go up with Brent's family to Island Park. We had a great time, we had to stop in Ashton on the way up for Brent to drop off some stuff to his boss and it really is a pretty area up there! They are working by the dam and there were otters and swans swimming around. Me and Dane hung out in the car while Brent went out and explored the project but we still managed to take pictures!!
There is a bunch of snow in Island Park. Within the last week they got 8 to 10 new inches of snow and I'm sure more on the way. When you would look out the windows, the snow would be piled up so you really couldn't see much. We took our wii so our weekend consisted of playing the wii, snowmobiling, swimming, playing games, eating lots of good food and just hanging out as a family! Dane loved his first time swimming. I think we are going to have a fish on our hands, which is good! I should of gotten a season pass to Seven Peaks huh? We will be moving to Utah next weekend...kinda a bitter sweet deal. Very excited to get in our house and get situated and start a new chapter in our lives! Its been great being close to family since we have had Dane! At least we will only be 3 1/2 hours away!

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tutus n bowties said...

Okay, first off your baby is so dang adorable!! I just love him! Second of all thanks for the post and advice about the milk. I will be purchasing some tomorrow and can't wait. Last of all I'm excited to hear you are moving my way. 3 1/2 hours from family is really not to bad. If you are in need of an outing with little Dane you should venture to highland to Dear Lizzie {if you have not yet been}. It's a good pick-me-up store :)

The Brandersons said...

So exciting that oyu guys are moving into your house. I bet you cause can't wait to live there. I am sure you will miss being around all of your family though. I can't believe how big Dane is getting and how cute he is. Have fun moving and let us know when we can make a road trip to come visit.