Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had such a great Easter! First of all, Dane got his first package in the mail from his Gram (a.k.a my mom) & Steve! As you can tell, he LOVED the peeps!
Later that day, my mom and Steve ended up showing up to spend the Easter weekend with us! Man did we have such a great time. We colored eggs which was a blast! My mom and I had a hard time trying to figure out what color the tablet was so she would stick them on her tongue and turned it colors! Dane liked the stickers that came with the egg coloring set. Plus my mom got him this little caterpillar and it moves and he was trying to figure out how it was moving! Ha total classic Brent! I swear the kid is starting to remind me of Brent more and more every day!!
To say the least we had so much fun. We went out to dinner at a restaurant in Santaquin and it was soooo good. The menu said that everything was served with a scone...okay well when they brought them out, they were GINORMOUS! As you can tell Brent was holding one...it looked like Idaho, upside down! Dane didn't sleep much due to he didn't want to miss out on anything! He finally fell asleep in his car seat holding his shark!! Cute boy!!

My mom and Steve had to head back on Saturday and then 20 mins. later my cousin and his wife showed up!! We had a blast with them too! They had to go to a reception in Lehi so we went with them and then we went to Cabela's after that. We fed the fish, (good thing we had Ry to shake the food machine so we could get some) looked at the aquarium, took pictures (sorry Barb and Ry, somehow that picture I took of you guys didn't save...booo). Ha, then Easter morning came around and I was getting ready to hide eggs for everyone but they all woke up!!
Ohh well, we still had a great time! Thanks everyone for coming to visit us...PLEASE come back again!!!


Amber said...

Your Easter looked like so much fun! I'm totally in the mood for scones now... that thing was huge!

Cherlyn said...

Dane, you are so stinkin' cute. Thanks for the fun weekend!