Thursday, April 7, 2011


This last weekend was General Conference. We really enjoyed our weekend getting to listen to the speakers! While Brent was at the Priesthood Session I thought that it would be fun to start a tradition with Dane and do something fun/creative while he is gone. So I found this cinnamon popcorn recipe that I have been dying to try. Plus we thought we would fix Brent a treat for when he comes home. So we had a blast making treats together and watching the basketball games so that I could inform Brent on who was winning when he got home! Also, last Thursday and Friday it was just beautiful here. So we thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and headed out to the golf course! We thought we would just start out hitting balls a couple of times to see how he likes it. Well, Dane loved it and people watching and the warm weather!Poor little guy is teething (we think). He has been a bear cat the last few days and has all of a sudden started waking up in the night just crying. He is constantly chewing on his fingers and there seems to be more drool than usual along with a runny nose, some ear pulling and rosy cheeks. Luckily no fever! So I've been trying everything to keep him comfortable without over dosing with the meds. He usually gets worse in the evenings so I let him have some of my creamie the other night and it was a hit! He loved it and after he had some he calmed down and was happy as can be! Is that bad that I'm feeding my 7 1/2 month old creamies? Haha there could be worse things I figure! Even through it all, there still seems to be smiles that I can get out of him!!

Any of you great mom's out there have any good advice?


Heather said...

Bear, try the homeopathic teething tablets. They worked good for Vy & Bo, they just dissolve on their tongue. He's so damn cute I could die!

Shalee said...

With him tugging at his ear I might take him in to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection. They don't always run a temp when they have an ear infection. If it's not that get those mesh feeder things and stick a piece of ice in it. Kooper would chew on a few pieces of ice one after another. You could also get a wash cloth wet and stick it in the freezer for a few and then let him munch on that. Other than that Tylenol! That was a life savor at night! Its not just a fever reducer but a pain reliever too!!! Good luck!

Ella said...

Hey there Carrie,

When my girls were teething, I would give them a popcicle to chew/suck on. They liked them and the cold would numb their gums.

Dane is so cute, I wish I could have seen him when you were here visiting.

Good luck with the teething.

deanna said...

Those cheeks are HUGE!!