Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring happenings...

We are so lucky to have a park so close to our house! We have finally been meeting some friends so we meet up with them at the park! We had such a great time watching the kids play. Dane's new favorite thing is to swing! He just giggles while we push him. As we were leaving my friend Lindsey was saying good bye to him and he waved back at her! Gotta love the firsts!
We are finally getting our yard put together! We went and got some flowers to plan the other day. Dane even helped while he dug in the dirt and sucked on rocks! Haha
...and yes that is our grass coming up! We hydro seeded it 2 weeks ago and we can't believe how fast it is coming!! We have just a few things to do in our yard like plant a few bushes and hook up our drip system around the house.
HURRAY for summer....can't wait for the warm weather!!


Cherlyn said...

Hey...I can see your two teeth Dane!!

Amber said...

Dane looks so much bigger each blog post! I'm so glad you have a park close by and friends to go with! Can't wait to see you guys again!