Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Thank you so much for FINALLY coming to visit Dane so that his teeth will come in! We officially have at least 1 tooth on its way. Boy are mom and dad happy! This has been a game that we have been playing for 4 months now. We will be excited for your return back to pick up that same tooth in 5 or so years!


(Dane has been such a trouper the last few days! As you can tell from this picture, he is constantly drooling everywhere. I get him up from his nap and within minutes his shirt is soaking wet. He won't let me take a picture. He will occasionally let me take a peak. Must be a boy thing!!)


Cherlyn said... are even cute when you drool! Be sure to leave a note for the tooth fairy that you like paper money, not coins!! LOL!!!

Dave and Kabree said...

He's gonna be so cute with a tooth! :) Don't worry Carrie, my Brigston is covered in drool always, and he's not even teething. He'll be drenched when the tooth fairy gets ready to visit us!