Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1st Tractor Ride

A few weeks ago when we were in Idaho, Dane went out on his 1st tractor ride with is Grandpa Turpin! Dane just loved it! (Even though the look on his face isn't proving it) I can't wait until he gets older so we can go to Idaho in the summers and he can help out his grandpa and uncles on the farm!


Lindsay said...

Aw, that is really sweet. What a special memory you captured!

Amber said...

Love the pic of course! I have a very similar one of Scott and my nephew Kolby when he was that age. Awww, the memories!

Kabe 'n Dave said...

Oh Carrie, he's getting so big! :) This picture is so sweet, and I love that Dane has his Idaho farm roots.