Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bear Lake

We had the opportunity to go to Bear Lake over Labor Day weekend. We went with my mom, Steve and Sammy! We were really excited to go because neither one of us has been before. So we had this trip planned like a year in advance so I got Friday off so we could have an extra day of play. We met up with Sammy in Logan and then we went up. As we were driving down into the valley we couldn't believe how blue and clear the water was. It was so beautiful!!
Here is a picture that I took of the water...so pretty!
The night before we left my mom called us and asked if we wanted to go golfing....HELLO DO WE WANT TO GO GOLFING...so they had tee times set up for us when we arrived. So we ate lunch really fast and then we went golfing. It was super fun. We ended up going twice. We all did better the second time. Thanks to Sammy...she gave us a bunch of helpful hints!!
Here is mom and Steve!! Whoot whoot!!
Okay check out the cool sand castle we built...okay not really but we would like to claim it. Once we got done golfing we went to the beach. Me and Brent started to build a castle but man its hard work and I started to loose my patience! We played Frisbee and volleyball on the beach. That was super fun. Let alone it was a great place to people watch. I couldn't believe how many sea shells there were too!!!
Oh yes and you can't forget about the kit flying! Me and Brent flew a kite. That was fun...I haven't done that since I was a little kid. The wind was kind of blowing but once we were done of course the wind picks up. But still that was really fun!
Here we are all in a line, mom, me, Brent and our sis Sammy!!!
Brent got bored as we were sitting there watching a storm move in so he wanted to bury my foot. It reminded me of a cartoon like when someone gets their foot stepped on or ran over...it was like huge after the fact.
Once all said and done he found some cute sea shells to make me some pretty toe nails! Haha
Here is a group photo of us on our last day. It was so sad to leave everyone but we had such a great time! Thanks so much Mom and Steve for inviting us. It was nice to have one more vacation right before we started back into school!!!
Oh yes...that is snow that you are seeing. We were on our way back home and it was snowing as we were driving through the mountains. How crazy huh...only in Utah/Idaho does that happen! I always heard crazy stories that it snows in the summer time...but I never really believed it until I saw it!!!!


Courtney said...

That does look fun! And your sand-foot is VERY impressive! Haha, we're excited to hit up the second annual Turpin-Lennberg Boise State Game... yahoo! Italian Sodas after???

Heather said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun, Clint and I really like the big sandy foot! It seems like forever since we've seen you guys! Give us a call!

Sterzers said...

Hey!! I'm so glad that you found us! It has been way too long! What are you up to and what is Brent going to school for? I am glad to see you are still golfing, I don't think I have been since high school haha. Kinda sad! We are in Utah right now I am student teaching and Brian is going to school at the U. His program will probably take two more years and tehn we can be done with school forever! Yay!

The Branderson said...

Hey! Long time no see. Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am hoping you are having a good week. And that I will see you on Sunday.