Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Peach Pie

So my boss at work came back from the weekend saying how she canned some peaches and made a pie and what not. She has 2 little ones too a 3 year old and a 5 month old. I felt really inspired from her. She brought a box of peaches to work on Tuesday and told us to take some because she had so much extra. She then kept saying how good her peach pie was and what not. So then I got on the Internet and found a recipe. I showed my boss and she was so funny...she is my little cheerleader! She was like "You can do it I know you can!!!" I came home that night and Brent went out golfing and I was bound and determined to make this peach pie. Let alone I really like to cook...its kind of my time to relax and take time to myself. So I had to take pictures of the wonderful pie that I baked.

Here is a picture of the peach pie before I put it in the oven. This is the 3rd pie I have ever made. So I was really glad that my dough and everything turned out so good.
Here is the final result!! Boy was it worth it. We had a hard time cutting the pie because it looked so perfect!



CARE HOLY MOLY A PIE!!! And I thought that the pasta roni you use to make me was high rollin cuisine!! Your steppin it up missy

The Allen Fam said...

Way to Go!! That looks really YUMMY!!! You are just to Cute!!

Courtney said...

Yummy. And, my apologies for not reading this ahead of time before having Ryan call Brent... boy am I glad you didn't come over cause my cobbler paled in comparison to that pie!!!

Ty and Whit said...

Hey Carrie-
Don't know if you remember me, It's whitney from American Eagle... You set me and Ty up. Anyway, I saw your comment on Bj & Katies so I had to click into your blog and say hi. Great Pie by the way.
Hopefully things are going great for ya.

cat+tadd said...

What!? You might be back in Utah? To live? Don't toy with me!

cat+tadd said...


Emily Goodsell said...


I found your blog on Michelle's blog. I haven't talked to you in FOREVER! I hope life is good. Brad and I have been married for 2 months now, and we live in Henderson (on the southeast side of Vegas). I've been reading your posts--your peach pie looks delicious!

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