Monday, January 19, 2009


This last weekend we got a chance to go home. My brother and his family from Washington were able to come and visit too. We haven't seen them since July so it was great to catch up on things. To say the least we had a blast! Friday night we didn't go to bed tell 2:30 and then on Saturday night it was about 1. Ava's birthday is on the 20th of January and then Brogans is on February 2nd and so we thought we would have a party and celebrate them together! We went bowling on Saturday night and had cake and ice cream and watched the little kids bowl. It was a blast.

And of course I forgot my camera and so I had to put a picture of Ava on here too. We got her a Dr. Seuss puzzle book. She is my little buddy! Every time after she would bowl, she would come and give me a "high five"!! Here is a cut picture of Brogan in his shammies...HE just melts your heart...he is a miniature Clint too!
We gave Brogan and remote control Dinosaur. I couldn't wait until the party so I gave it to him before we went! We are horrible making them wait!!!

Here is little Miss mom gave her a new gymnastics outfit and so she went and found some high heels and a cowboy hat and she was all strutting around! I just love my nieces and nephew!!!!! Thanks guys for a great weekend...can't wait to see you soon!!!
P.S. The reason we have a Groundhog Blog is because Brent and Brogan's birthday is on Groundhog Day!!!


The Branderson said...

I absolutely love the Ground hog day background. So funny. Well hopefully we can hang out again tonight.

Heather said...

We had a ton of fun too! We would have stopped by Sunday on the way home but it took us about 10 hours to get home-- the roads were so yucky! Anyway, we'll be celebrating Ground Hog Day too!!!
Love ya,