Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Packing Up

We went to Utah a few weeks ago and we found a furnished apartment in Provo (kitty corner from COSTA VITA!!) and I found a job (AMERICAN EAGLE HERE I COME) all within the first hour that we were there! I told Brent that someone is watching out for us! Well, the time has finally come and we are packing up our stuff. On Saturday, we pulled everything out of our storage closet and it was like Christmas again, we have had our wedding gifts packed away in there since we have gotten married two and a half years ago. So we were so excited when we were cleaning out our closet to see the extra stuff that we have! To say the least I'm a little stressed but it will all work out.
I know you like my mannequin heads that are in that picture, they are from hair school, Gena and Vaneta!! We are packing everything up this weekend and taking it to Burley to put in a storage unit until we find out where we will be for sure in December when Brent graduates. Then the only things that we are taking with us is our suit cases full of clothes, some pots & pans and bedding! We will be leaving Boise next Thursday the 14th after Brent gets done with his last final! I'm so excited for our next adventure!


Lindsay said...

Which AE will you be working at? That is so cool, congrats! Provo will always hold a special place in my heart:)


american eagle!! Woot Woot and costa vida! Um can you ask for anything else! Im so excited to see you in july :)

Stephanie said...

I hope they are good to you. Call me when you get out here- we can help you move in and then we should double. I can't wait to see you!

deanna said...

ahh...scary heads in the living room! But I'm happy you're in Utah. Maybe we can get together yeah yeah yeah.

cat+tadd said...

I'm so happy you are moving here! I want to come see your place when you get here and of course PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Courtney said...

mannequin head love= the best! Callie+Arizona love=gross. Haha... it was good seeing you tonight and I'll have you know that as she was falling asleep Brinlee said,

Mom, I really miss Brent and Carrie.

Haha! We'll miss you guys, but see you soon!