Monday, May 11, 2009

Empty Apt

We successfully moved all of our belongings to Burley on Saturday morning. Thanks to family that came and helped! It was greatly appreciated! I only had to work half a day today so I decided that today would be the day to clean our apt.
There in the corner is our only belongings that we are taking with us, other than our clothes in our bedroom and our bathroom stuff!
This is where our washer and dryer used to be! Man its only been one day and I miss them already. I will have to do without them for 8 months. Quarters here we come!!
Oh yes, you can't forget our bedroom. We have our cool air mattress! Who would ever know huh! We slept like babies last night. It was really weird coming home last night to NOTHING! Thank goodness for our friends that like to hang out with us!! Haha

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Unknown said...

I can't believe how empty your apartment is. I have some big news that I need to tell you so call me ASAP. Thank you so much for the Tylenol last night. It seriously saved my life. Thank you for all that you have done for me in the last week too.