Thursday, May 28, 2009

You go GEORGE!!

Yep that's right, George Strait got the ACM Artist of the Decade last night! There is honestly no one like George! He has been a favorite in our family since I can remember. (My brother dressing up like George and wearing his hat and singing to us!! That is the best memory.) Two and a half years ago Steve gave my mom tickets to see George in Boise. We had the time of our life's. Me and my mom screamed like little girls. We had the best seats EVER! (Thanks Steve) We even got to make eye contact with him!! Whoot whoot!! Well, we all thought that, that was the end of George's touring career but SURPRISE...hes coming again. This time to Salt Lake! We are all going again. We won't have as good of seats but its the fact of being there in his presence and with my mom and Steve!!
Thanks George for making the BEST MUSIC EVER!!!


Sterzers said...

Amen!!! I love George!

Peterson Family said...

Totally agree with ya!!! He is the MAN!! That would be so awesome to see him in concert! And you get to go twice!!! YAY

Deanna said...

I miss you SO MUCH!

Sarah said...

You guys are lucky! Rich really wants to go, but I just can't spend that much on tickets!