Monday, May 18, 2009

Our First Weekend in Utah

Well, we have arrived in Utah and we have survived our first weekend! We got into town on Thursday night around 6 and we had 2 hours to unload our cars and get dinner because Grey's Anatomy Season Finale was going to be on! To say the least, we did it! Friday was Brent's first day of work! He really had a good time. We are really excited and hope that things work out with W.W. Clyde! While Brent was at work, I got our apt all situated!
Here is a picture of the Kitchen!
Here is our cute living room!
Our cozy bedroom!
Thanks to the girls at Home Federal. They got me this really cute Cyclamen and tricked me and took me out to dinner at Costa Vita on my last day! I haven't killed the plant yet so that is good. In fact there is another bloom coming! I work at American Eagle again and that is fun. Talk about old times! I did a floor set and talk about me being RUSTY!! I haven't done that kind of stuff for 3 years. I gotta get back in the groove!! Its a little weird having some free time on my hands too! Its kind of nice once in a while!


Sarah said...

Hi Carrie...I'm glad you got all moved in. As I was looking at your pictures, they all looked very familiar, then I realized my sister and her husband just moved out of those apartments last month! Crazy...anyway, have fun in Provo!

Lindsay said...

So cute! I love how you decorate! I can't wait to hear how working at AE is going for you. You always did such a great job while I was there. Are you working with Bonnie? I'm sure it will all come back to you and it will seem like you never left:) Good luck!

Kabe 'n Dave said...

Hahaha! Carrie you crack me up! Everytime I see a floor set at AE now I'm gonna think of you :)That's fun that you're back in UT. Good luck with everything.

Courtney said...

Ah... we miss you guys! And... we can't wait to roll on the floor laughing reading your book when you get back. Dinner and book-reading date?

Also... my email address is
courtneylennberg at gmail

Hope all is well! J-dawgs yet????

aLiCe said...

Caroline! You're back in Utah! I'm so happy :) I'll be there in 3 months so plan on seeing me.

Adam & Michelle Gooch said...

Love the place! It's really cute! And wasn't the season finale crazy!!! I couldn't believe it!

Jessica said...

Carrie!! Wow I haven't seen you in soo long!! How are you doing??!?! You look so happy and Im totally adding you to my list!! :)