Thursday, January 26, 2012

17 month funnies

Dane is just so dang cute I can't get over it!! He is always doing something to make us fact today I was mopping the floor in the kitchen, well he likes to help sometimes a little too much so I went and put him in his room to play for a bit. Well he cried at first then it was quiet. I knew he was up to something...I opened the door and he had yellow chunks of something on his mouth and on the floor. Then I saw his foam golf club had a big chunk taken out of it!! Haha I just had to laugh...he was getting back at me for putting him in his room. We might have to get another one of those clubs when he is out of the "Puppy dog stage"! (Scott & Amber that has been the best gift ever...he is always playing with it and hitting the golf balls!)

My mom got him some cute Carhart overalls for Christmas! He is all ready to go and work on the farm this summer with his Grandpa Turpin!
My sis in law Joni got him a sled for Christmas, well we don't have much snow so it has become his chill-laxing chair to watch his movies in. We pull him around in it in the house...which he LOVES! Thanks Joni!
He has an obsession with having sock on his hands...he thinks its pretty funny!!
He must get this from me...I ALWAYS have my feet up when I'm eating, ridding in the car etc. Well he thinks he needs to put his foot up on the table and chill while he eats his dinner!
I have the cutest pup pup EVER!!


Cherlyn said...

You ARE a funny, lovable, adorable, and a "bright spot in my day" little boy!

Heather said...

All your posts are so fun to see. Red and Daners are going to be good buddies! I love that picture. xoxo

Amber said...

Ha- too funny about the golf ball. so glad he liked his gift! Those were such fun pics. He is really growing up!