Thursday, January 26, 2012


We thought that since it was our 5 Year Anniversary we had better do something exciting! My mom and Steve came and stayed with Dane while we got away to Salt Lake. It was weird driving away and not having Dane. It was the first time for me leaving him for 2 nights. It was very nice to get away and do our own thing. We went to the Mt. Timpanogas Temple and did sealings...since that was where we got married. That was really fun! Then we headed off to Salt Lake for a weekend full of shopping, chillaxing, eating out and and enjoying our time together!

Brent always talked about going to the Church Building and riding the elevator. He said he used to do it all the time when he was a kid. It was fun...went up like 32 floors in 26 seconds. (I can't remember how many floors there was but more floors than seconds) I felt it more so when we were coming down. My belly was in my throat! We got to look out on the top and see all of Salt Lake. That was really fun!!
Oh yes, Dane did just fine!! I knew he fact he was mad at me for leaving him and wouldn't have anything to do with me until later that night when we got back! Haha thanks mom and Steve for watching him!!

Thanks Brent for being such a great husband and Dad!! Love ya!!!

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Deanna said...

5 years?! Holy jeez. Congrats!