Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had such a great time in Mexico. I have never been catered so great in my life! The resort was priceless!!! We arrived and they brought us a wet clean towel to cool down from the travels and the humidity! Our rooms were amazing!!!

The resort was beautiful! The sand was so pretty and pure white! It felt so good on our feet. When we would go to the beach, the waiter would come and cater us all day long and make sure that we didn't run low on our Strawberry Colada! Can we say that by the time that the trip ended, me and Brent had turned into Strawberries due to drinking them so much!!! The food there was excellent! There were like 5 or so restaurants to choose from every night and we tried them all and everything was so good!

The weather was perfect, a little overcast but yet still warm! We went snorkeling and Brent went golfing. But other than that, we were totally beach bums!! We would always go out and play in the waves too! That was fun. Its something about the waves that just mesmerizes you. There were some dogs that would always come and visit on the dot of 11:30 everyday for lunch time! We aren't sure where they came from, there were 2 banded resorts next to us so I'm sure they hung out there! People would always feed them too. They would run whenever they saw someone from the resorts. They reminded me of a dog that me and my brothers used to have out on the farm and his name was Poochie! Also at the swimming pool there were some iguanas that would like to bask in the sun and lay out on the rocks!

It was weird to think that it was Christmas time since it was 85 degrees out side. We went to breakfast one day and we saw that they made a ginger bread house! That was neat. They also had a really cool tall tree too. I didn't get a real good picture of it.

Here are a few random pictures that were taken of me and Brent!

Congrats to Brent for graduating school! I'm so proud of him and for all the hard work that he has put forth! This trip was good for both of us to kind of wind down. But I guess that the next step in life we have to grow up! Haha but we will still be kids at heart!

Here are some pictures of the resort and the day we left the sun was shining. So of course, I wear flip flops and shorts. When we land in Salt Lake, its snowing and we have to wait for our hotel to come get us and it takes like 30 mins. To say the list my toes pretty much fell off! Oh well, I brought it all on myself!! Haha

Also congrats to Sammy and Wes! We will have a new future brother in law! They got engaged over the trip. We are so excited for them and can't wait to help plan a wedding!!! Thanks mom and Steve for such a great time! This will be one Christmas that we will not forget!!


deanna said...

I'm SO jealous! Congrats Brent!

The Branderson said...

Can I tell you guys how much Brandon and I are already missing having are best friends here in town. We are always wondering what to do because we have no one to hang out with. Sad. I guess we will have to learn to entertain ourselves again. I wanted to tell you though how much I appreciate your friendship. You guys have been there for us through the good times and the bad. We will miss you guys so much but are super excited for you. Don't forget to keep us updated and we will have to get together when Baby Anderson arrives.



Peterson Family said...

Oh man I am so jealous!! Not fair at all. Sounds like you guys had a blast!! Good for you two!!

Courtney said...

You guys deserved a break for sure! And it looked awesome! I love your hair all curly and tropical-like!

We'll be seeing you next time we take a little vacation to Twin ;)

Let us know when you get settled!

Ty, Whit & Bree said...

That looks like so much fun. Oh, and to be in nice weather... I am so jealous...