Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trip to McCall

Over Presidents Weekend we had a chance to go to McCall with Brent's parents and sister! It was super fun. Before we left we hit up the gas station to get some snacks. Brent loves jerky and he found this huge piece of jerky. It was okay...wouldn't buy it again!

We finally arrived to McCall. We were out walking around looking at the ice sculptures and for those of you that might not now...we just love dogs. I thought that was the funniest picture over, the owner of the car must of been shopping or working and he had his dogs with him. The dogs looked like was in the passenger seat and the other in the driver seat. I had to take a picture because it was so adorable!!!
Here is a picture of an ice sculpture. It was kind of hard to tell what they were because they were starting to melt. But this one was a mermaid with large bosoms! Ha ha
This ice sculpture was some flowers in a vase.
Here we are on our way back to Boise!

On our way back to Boise, I wanted to play a game because the ride was getting a bit long and I needed something to do. So we played the ABC game. That was really fun...don't really recall who won but hey it made time go by fast!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


It was Brents birthday on Febuary 2nd! I wanted to make sure that his day was full of lots of fun. First of all, we have a hard time keeping secrets from each other...expecially if there are presents involved. He got his birthday present like in January...which was a BSU sweatshirt. He has been wanting one for a very long time and I had a coupon for one. Haha but anyways, we went to Boon Docks on his birthday. We had a ton of fun. We felt like kids again playing arcade games and getting a bunch of tickets and we got a cool ball. Haha then we hung out with Brents sister Tara for a while and then we went out to dinner. (Mean while I was trying to take pictures of our fun day and the batteries died in my camera...just our luck) So we got home and I made him a Blueberry Cheese Cake...his favorite.

Here is the picture of the yummy cheese cake! Boy was it GOOOOOOOOD!!! Its not a birthday party if you don't have cool plates to eat off of! The movie "CARS" was awesome!!!