Monday, June 28, 2010

Nice house...

Oh wait...this is our new house! Yes its true, back in January we started to look around and we decided that it was cheaper to build than it was to buy something that would need some fixin up! Let alone, we know what we are getting ourselves into! So a few months later they started to build our cute little home. We love it, we got to pick out colors and so forth! To say the least, they finished and we signed the papers on Friday!!! We can't wait to get out stuff out of storage and open wedding gifts that I haven't been able to use yet! Since Brent is going to be working here in Idaho until November or December it will be nice to go down on the weekends and gradually get things put away...hopefully before baby cakes comes along!!!

I only got a few good is our kitchen! Can't wait to make lots of yummy food in it!!I will post more as we start to get settled in!!

Golf 101

This last weekend, we thought we would play a little family golf! I haven't played much since I've been pregnant and my golf clubs are somewhere in the back of our storage unit! So I figure I can use a combination of Brent's and my moms clubs! To say the least, I have NEVER played so good in my life. I almost got my first hole in one, the ball rolled up onto the green and then bounced off the pin and rolled a few feet away! Holy moly, maybe this baby is going to be a pro golfer!! He was for sure my good luck charm. We played best ball, so we were always playing my ball or Steve's.

Here I am, thinking about joining the LPGA!! (Hmm...I wonder if they have a pregnant league)
Aww...Gram and Steveo!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding - Take 2

A few weeks ago we had an open house for Sammy and Wes! It was whole bunches of fun. Flower went a lot better this time than in St. George. I think they turned out beautiful! My momma, cousin, and sis in law has some good talent!

We had some good serious grub. Chips, salsa, dips, tacos, quesadillas, taquitos, cupcakes, chocolates, chocolate cover raisins. You get the idea! Here is my wonderful sis in law. I took this picture of us! Turned out cute. She forgot her hair/makeup bag when they got here from Washington. So we ventured over to Wal-Mart at 11 at night to stock her back up! To top it off, she forgot her purse, good think I grabbed mine. Who knew that getting a blow dryer, curling iron, make-up, tooth brush etc. could add up so fast! Lets just say $200 later! We sure did make a good memory!

Here are all of our dudes!

Here is a family picture. We even got Wes's parents in there too!
Here are all the cute little monkeys! My cute little nieces and nephew...except we are missing Red!
Clint and Heather left Vy and Bo behind for a week so we sure did have a great time with them! Swimming, playing dress up, temple grounds work, Sonic run, shopping, and non stop laughing! Thanks guys for coming to hang out with us!!
To top off the wedding weekend, my other fabulous sis in law thew me a baby shower! It was super fun. I failed to get pictures and the pictures that were taken...lets just say I didn't look too hot! So next time I'm feeling beautiful, I'll make sure to capture one for the belly shot!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding - Take 1

This last weekend we had a chance to go to St. George Utah for my step sis's wedding! We had such a great time. We left on Wednesday night and came back on Sunday. Since we were driving so far, we figured that we might as well make a vacation out of the deal too! We did lots of golfing, Sonic runs, shopping, sleeping, laying out and swimming! Sammy took her endowments out on Thursday and then the wedding took place on Friday at the St. George temple.
Here is Sammy and Wess! She made a beautiful bride!!

Here is me and Brent. It was really hott outside, we aren't used to the triple digit heat. Let alone I'm creating enough of my own heat. It was a shocker going from 65 degree weather to 106 degree weather!
Me and Mamma!
I always love to take pictures of me and Brent by myself. Somehow they always turn out good.

Here are a few pictures from the reception that was later on Friday night. My mom and cousin Jana did all the flowers. They are the new and improved Martha Stewart if you ask me!!

Haha I would have to say that this picture explains EVERYTHING!!!! Apparently we made too many Sonic runs. The cable broke that holds the window in place and helps it go up and down. It broke after a run to Sonic. So, thank goodness to great family, they walked us through what to do and how to take the door apart and to get a hold of the window to roll it back up until we got back home to Idaho! We were one of those red neck people driving on the free way that had duct tape on their window! PRICELESS!!!! (To say the least, Burt is in the shop getting fixed as we speak!)
We are having another party again this weekend! I can't wait to see the rest of my family!!