Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday WEEK!

Yes we celebrated another birthday at our house...this time it was ME!! Yay! I would have to say that it was a good one! We ended up going home the weekend before my birthday and we had a few celebrations there that involved cheesecake, Skore cake, and good company!! I'm so grateful for such a great family that loves me.

On my special day my sweet niece made me a cute picture!!! Thanks Avers!
I have never been the one that likes to make my own cake so I hinted to Brent that there was this cute cupcake place in Provo and he should go there for my birthday cake!! Seriously, he spoiled me rotten...came home at 5:30 pm with 2 doz roses, dinner from Cafe Rio and 4 cupcakes!
Whoa I was on cloud 9!! Brent is finally starting to slow down a bit at work...thank goodness!! So it was good to have him home early to spend my special day with me! Oh yeah and Dane took me out shopping...sweet boy huh?
Here are the cupcakes vanilla, coconut, cookies and cream, and key lime pie! I have to say though my favorite by far was the coconut!! Yum yum...
Here is to 26! Its gonna be a good one I can feel it!! :) Thanks for all the birthday wishes!