Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A few weeks ago my mom and Steve went to St. George for a few days during the week and we decided we would go.  With Brent working longer hours during the summer...why not!  So we packed our bags and were on our way.  Dane LOVES St. George...he was just so happy and hyper when we got there.  He loves that he gets to sleep on a full size bed.  He does really good too...he only got up once after I put him down and knocked on the door and cried for 20 seconds and then went and crawled back into bed and fell asleep. (Guess that means its time for him to transition to a big boy bed)!  It was pretty chilled, lots of Sonic runs and playing in the sun!!


Dane is getting the SMILE phrase down (well only when he wants to)!  This picture seriously make me laugh!

I think Dane will have his mamma's baking touch.  He LOVES to help me bake cookies.  Favorite part...getting to taste the spatula!!

Mothers Day

We ended up going to Idaho for Mothers Day weekend due to Brent having to work up there.  So it worked out perfect.  We got to spend the weekend with our Mothers and celebrate that special day.  Dane also got to go for a four wheeler ride with Brent and some how found the water and went to town playing in it and making a mess!  
 Aren't they just so cute...this is my favorite picture!!  (Brent got to go and help move water when he was home!)

 Then we got to go golfing with my mom and Steve.  Haha Dane is so observant, it only took him a second to figure out how to make the golf cart go and he took off while Brent was teeing up.  Luckily I was in the cart with him still.  After that we started to take the key out if we were both going to be gone.  We went to church at my mom's ward and I went and took Dane to nursery.  The leaders were so nice, they had a cute Mothers Day gift for the kids to give to their mom's.  Dane got his picture taken with a cute sign that said Happy Mothers Day, a flower and a pretty picture that he drew!  Seriously melted my heart!  I have the cutest little monkey EVER and I wouldn't trade being a mom for a thing.  Thanks Brent & Dane for making the day so special to me!!

Easter 2012

We had the opportunity to go home for Easter!  We had such a great time getting to see our family.  Dane had a chance to go on egg hunts but for some reason his interest was the swings.  Maybe next year!!