Thursday, May 28, 2009

You go GEORGE!!

Yep that's right, George Strait got the ACM Artist of the Decade last night! There is honestly no one like George! He has been a favorite in our family since I can remember. (My brother dressing up like George and wearing his hat and singing to us!! That is the best memory.) Two and a half years ago Steve gave my mom tickets to see George in Boise. We had the time of our life's. Me and my mom screamed like little girls. We had the best seats EVER! (Thanks Steve) We even got to make eye contact with him!! Whoot whoot!! Well, we all thought that, that was the end of George's touring career but SURPRISE...hes coming again. This time to Salt Lake! We are all going again. We won't have as good of seats but its the fact of being there in his presence and with my mom and Steve!!
Thanks George for making the BEST MUSIC EVER!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our First Weekend in Utah

Well, we have arrived in Utah and we have survived our first weekend! We got into town on Thursday night around 6 and we had 2 hours to unload our cars and get dinner because Grey's Anatomy Season Finale was going to be on! To say the least, we did it! Friday was Brent's first day of work! He really had a good time. We are really excited and hope that things work out with W.W. Clyde! While Brent was at work, I got our apt all situated!
Here is a picture of the Kitchen!
Here is our cute living room!
Our cozy bedroom!
Thanks to the girls at Home Federal. They got me this really cute Cyclamen and tricked me and took me out to dinner at Costa Vita on my last day! I haven't killed the plant yet so that is good. In fact there is another bloom coming! I work at American Eagle again and that is fun. Talk about old times! I did a floor set and talk about me being RUSTY!! I haven't done that kind of stuff for 3 years. I gotta get back in the groove!! Its a little weird having some free time on my hands too! Its kind of nice once in a while!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Empty Apt

We successfully moved all of our belongings to Burley on Saturday morning. Thanks to family that came and helped! It was greatly appreciated! I only had to work half a day today so I decided that today would be the day to clean our apt.
There in the corner is our only belongings that we are taking with us, other than our clothes in our bedroom and our bathroom stuff!
This is where our washer and dryer used to be! Man its only been one day and I miss them already. I will have to do without them for 8 months. Quarters here we come!!
Oh yes, you can't forget our bedroom. We have our cool air mattress! Who would ever know huh! We slept like babies last night. It was really weird coming home last night to NOTHING! Thank goodness for our friends that like to hang out with us!! Haha

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Packing Up

We went to Utah a few weeks ago and we found a furnished apartment in Provo (kitty corner from COSTA VITA!!) and I found a job (AMERICAN EAGLE HERE I COME) all within the first hour that we were there! I told Brent that someone is watching out for us! Well, the time has finally come and we are packing up our stuff. On Saturday, we pulled everything out of our storage closet and it was like Christmas again, we have had our wedding gifts packed away in there since we have gotten married two and a half years ago. So we were so excited when we were cleaning out our closet to see the extra stuff that we have! To say the least I'm a little stressed but it will all work out.
I know you like my mannequin heads that are in that picture, they are from hair school, Gena and Vaneta!! We are packing everything up this weekend and taking it to Burley to put in a storage unit until we find out where we will be for sure in December when Brent graduates. Then the only things that we are taking with us is our suit cases full of clothes, some pots & pans and bedding! We will be leaving Boise next Thursday the 14th after Brent gets done with his last final! I'm so excited for our next adventure!