Monday, November 29, 2010

No Church

This is what we like to do on Sunday's when church has been cancelled!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


To say the least, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving as you can tell from this big grin!!! Hope you all did too!
(This cute little monkey is starting to look like his cousins...Red & Bo!)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snowed IN!

Over the past few days we got this awesome snow storm that just snowed and the wind blowed...A LOT! Brent went to work on Tuesday for half day and then hurried and made it home in time before the freeways were closed and what not. Since the weather was so bad...they decided to take a snow day today at work! How cool is that? I'm so excited that Brent is home with us for the rest of the week and to have some family time!

I captured a few pictures of how much snow we have been getting!

Oh yeah, I failed to mention that the temptures are so cold now that it froze the river over night!! BURRRR....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yep that right...I had a birthday on November 10th and turned 25. Wow, its still hard to believe that I'm 25 and have a kid. Some days I think that I'm not old enough to have a kid...maybe its because I'm the baby in my family. I did have a fabulous birthday though. My wonderful husband spoiled the poo out of me...along with my family. I know, leave it to me, I totally didn't take pictures. (Heather I need you here to help get everyone in line for pictures...and to play with my baby!!) If anyone knows me and Brent...we just can't keep secrets from each other. So that is why we always have to do our shopping for each other last minute. Well, he waited as long as possible and ended up giving me my gift on the Sunday before. (I joke around that its my birthday WEEK.) So he started the week off with one of these...

Yes, a Nano Ipod. Whoa huh...I'm in the process of getting my CD's in order and put them on the ipod. He always is giving me a hard time with all of my CD cases in my we will put a stop to that!
Then on my birthday, Steve and my mom made their famous shrimp dinner! Boy was it to die brother and his family (Joni's birthday is the day after mine) came and my step sis and her family! It was just great getting to spend so much time and getting phone calls from my family!
Then they surprised me with this awesome Dairy Queen ice cream cake!!!

Then the weekend came and we were able to spend time as a new family. Brent has been working 14+ hour days for the last 6 weeks so that they could get done paving before the bad weather sets in. Luckily they finished on my birthday and his boss gave him Friday off!
We decided to take a quick trip to Utah so that we can turn our A/C off and turn our heat on. Funny story, we turned our heat on and I guess with new construction, it hasn't been turned on before so we ended up setting off our fire alarm. It scared the snot out of me...I grabbed Dane and put my shoes on and RAN out the door. To say the least, we won't be sleeping through any alarms. There is a high pitch sound going off and a lady yelling FIRE FIRE FIRE...I look back now and laugh. But at the time I was freaking out. Brent shut off the heat and we opened the doors to let the gas smell air out and then we turned it back on and we were good to go!
Man I just love our cute house. Dane slept in his crib for the first time and he loved it. I would go and lay him down and he would just go right to sleep!
We had such a great time at our house...its the first time we've been there since we've had Dane. Brent was nice and took me shopping and Christmas shopping. We forgot how much fun it is to people watch at the mall too! We had quite a blast!
In Santaquin we live by the Rowley's Red Barn. It seriously my favorite. They have fresh fruit, ice cream and carmel apples and lots of other goodies. I had to take Brent and they have Christmas lights on their barn. I just love the little town feel. Feels like home!

In Brent's work truck the back seat isn't big enough to stick a car seat back there so Dane gets to ride in the front with us. Man this kid LOVES to smile. He never cries except for if he is hungry or stinky! Here is a cute smile that I captured.

Here is another cute one I snapped!
Thanks to my family and friends for making my birthday so special!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So the river behind my mom's house is really low right now. Its lower than usual due to letting people repair their river banks and so forth. Its crazy to see where all the sand bars are and wonder how people miss them!!
Usually the water is all the way up to where the trees and bushes are!
Oh, did I mention that I have the cutest baby EVER?!

Monday, November 1, 2010


This year for Halloween my mom had a party and we dressed up as Penguins. We are big fans of Penguins of Madagascar and so Dane was "Rico" because he tends to spit up from time to time!
Such a cute Penguin!!