Tuesday, March 13, 2012

40 mins of FREEDOM!

Note to self: hide an extra key because 18 month olds know how to lock the doors! (Not just turn the knob lock...deadbolt lock!)
Yes, its true. Dane locked me out of the house yesterday. I went out to the garage to throw some trash away and I closed the door behind me because I was going to be a second. Well I tried to go back in and he had dead bolted the door! AWESOME...and every other door was locked too. Luckily it was 5:30 so I knew Brent would be heading home soon. I was down stairs just a few mins earlier and have opened the window and I didn't think that I had locked it...WRONG! I found that it was locked. I went over to my neighbors to see if the hubby was home because he works search and rescue and he was at work. His daughter came and helped me check to see if all the windows were locked and what not. (Mean while Dane was sitting on the couch drinking his juice and watching Mega Mind.) Well, Mac had her activity card with her and had got the front doors bottom lock unlocked and Dane was standing at the window watching the whole time. She was kind of playing a game with him because she would stick her card in and he would try to pull on it. He would look at us through the window and put his hands in the air like "Why are you out there? I don't know what to do." After a few minutes of convincing Dane to unlock the deadbolt he did it! I can't believe that he did it! My smart little monkey! Then Brent showed up 2 mins after that. Haha to say the least we learned our lesson. Just glad that Brent wasn't out of town. Thanks to our nice neighbors for their help!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Uncle Clinto

Last week Uncle Clint got to come see us for an evening and we were SOOOO excited! It had been 6 months since we have seen him so I was curious how fast Dane would warm up. Well he surprised us all and he LOVED him! We went to dinner and Dane was so dang cute I just loved it. Made me wish we lived closer to them. Dane enjoyed being chased after and wrestled around with. Thanks for the quick visit and can't wait to see you guys soon!!! Love--Daners

18 Months

Weight: 28.7 Lbs. (92%)
Height: 35 1/2 Inches Tall (99th%)

Dane is such a ROCK STAR and I'm so proud of him! We took him to his 18 month check up and he had to only get 1 shot (thank goodness) and he only cried for 2 seconds! The doctor couldn't believe how tall and big Dane is. He asked if Brent was tall and my respond was well he is average but I think he is going to take place after his Uncle Clint!!

I just love him more and more every day. He is getting to the fun stage where he is constantly making us laugh! One funny story that happened the other day--I made some cookies and I caught him reaching his little paw up on the counter and reaching around until he found the plate of cookies then helped himself! I laughed it off. Well the next day we get up and he had his breakfast and then goes into the living room and then came back into the kitchen with a cookie in his hand. Apparently he had a stash of cookies under the couch because we clean the living room before his bed time! Little cookie monster!! He is getting so tall that I have to make sure things are pushed back far on the counter.

A few things that Dane loves--
Cars (the movie)
Van Halen's song - Jump
ride and drive Brent's pickup
M&M's & Maple Bars
Orange Gatorade
doing EVERYTHING himself
being with kids his age
brings me books to read them to him
constantly jabbering to me...working on words
watching cartoons in mom & dad's bed (a kid after my own heart)