Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 101

I have decided that Fall is my favorite time of the year. We haven't carved pumpkins since we have been married so I thought we should start the tradition before we have kids!

Since I picked the pumpkin, I let Brent decide what kind of face we will carve. He choose the scary one and when I was little I was the opposite. My mom has pictures of me and my brothers and they always carved the mean and scary looking ones but mine was always the happy one! Haha imagine cheerful?!
You can't forget that of course we watched SCOOBY DOO! Whats a pumpkin carving party with out SCOOBY?!
After all said and done we turned off all the lights and put 3 tea light candles in the pumpkin and it looked amazing! Brent did a very good job...I will take credit for his uni brow though!!
Here is our pumpkin on our door step! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Snow Storm

Me and Brent haven't been home since Labor Day weekend. So we decided that we were going to go home on the weekend of Oct. 11th. On Wednesday night as we were working out the details I told Brent that I just have this strong feeling that we should take our pickup home instead of the car. So then Thursday night rolls around and my mom calls me and tells me that there is a severe snow storm out for Saturday and Sunday. I thought that was very odd...I mean its the beginning of October. So we were getting ready to leave on Friday evening and we had about an inch of snow in Boise. We left after I got off work thinking that we could get a head of the storm IF there was going to be one. To say the least we got about 20 miles out of Boise and the roads were dry so we made it to Burley safe and sound!!!
Well we woke up on Saturday morning and we looked out the window and the snow was just falling out of the sky! I was so amazed and couldn't believe it.
I love this picture. I love flocked Christmas Trees and this would be my ideal Christmas Tree to have in our house!!! We left Brent's parents house on Saturday evening around 5 and it was still snowing. We were out driving around the yard and the snow was up to Brent's running boards on his pickup!!
After we got to my mom's house we went and got some dinner! Nothing was sounding good so we all voted to go out to BURGERS hmm that hit the spot. We got home and there was a BSU Football game on and of course we HAVE to watch the game but there was only one problem....there was so much snow on the dish Brent had to go out and clean off all the snow on the dish! As you can tell from the picture...there was a BIG 'ol drift on the roof where the dish was! After all said and done...we got to watch the game and eat some fresh peach pie and BSU won!!!!
Okay so it has been snowing non stop for about 15 hours when I took this picture. I loved how piled the snow was on my mom's bush!
Here is a picture after all said and done! We went to bed the night before at 12 and it was still snowing. I was so amazed! I really like the picture of the river. Man this is the type of storm that we like to have on Christmas. Too bad I don't have all of my gifts bought because I was seriously thinking about it!
Here is the snow piled on my mom's picnic table! We ended up having church late and we only held sacrament meeting! That was great!!
I had a splendid idea of measuring the snow on the picnic table, so I went and got the ruler and shoveled a path and the result was about 15 1/2 inches. Brent's parents got about 20 inches. The weird thing was that it only snowed in the Burley and Rupert area. To say the least we had a great weekend going home!