Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, time has come for us to sell one of our cars. Since Brent has started work, they gave him a work pickup so therefore that would leave us with 3 cars. (Gosh, the baby has a car and it isn't even born yet!) So we decided to elimate one vehicle. So we put Brents pickup up for sale and we had a few people interested but no catches. Well, as I was blog hopping around, I found a friend that was in need of a new car! So I informed her that we have an extra that we could sell. Well things worked out and they ended up buying Oj! I won't lie, I was sad having to give up Oj. But, I am glad knowing that she is going to a good family and they will take good care of her as much as I did!! So as for now, I get to drive Burt around. Which has been fun since we are in the process of looking for a SUV of some sort! Nice thing is that we don't have to get something right now and we get to look around until we find what we want!!!
(Kate this one is for you, my Ford girl!!)

Friday, March 19, 2010


So we had to come to Utah for the weekend. Brent has been inching to get a good deal on a hotel so he went onto Travelocity. I'm always nervous because you just put the type of star you want and that is what you get for a cheap price. He is at training so I'm the lucky one that gets to stay in the hotel dump or not! Well we ended up getting our reservation at La Quinta. We looked up it and it didn't look too bad, they just renovated it and it had a free breakfast so I wasn't going to complain! Brent kept calling yesterday to see if our room was ready yet because I had no where to go. Well, sad to say, it wasn't so he dropped me off at the mall!!! DANG!!! We came back later to check in and when we walked in it looked pretty nice, bathroom, vanity area, nice KING size bed, microwave, fridge, etc. Well we walked around the corner from that and there was a super sized jetted bath tub! We were shocked, we got this from Travelocity for a cheap price. Well we were looking at the map of the hotel and we realized that they put us in the suite. Hey I'm okay with that! We are guessing that they upgraded us because we called like 4 times to see if our room as done! Thanks Victor at La Quinta for giving me the luxury!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heart Beat...

Today we got to hear Baby Cakes heart beat for the first time! Can we say WOW it was a strong beat and fast! Both Brent and I eyes went wide! So, its official to say that Baby Turpin will greet us in mid September! We are looking forward to seeing what it will look like. I'm almost 13 weeks along now. I've been blessed with no morning sickness. Just a little blah here and there. Half the time I don't even notice that I'm pregnant!