Sunday, July 13, 2008

Picnic to Rock Creek

After spending a few days with my family, we went over to Brent's house and spent a few days there. (Brent and I decided to take a few extra days off from work so we had like a 5 day weekend!) Monday we decided to go to Rock Creek for a picnic. I used to go up there for girls camp quite a bit.
Here we are getting ready to eat our lunch!
Here is Brent waving as I'm taking a picture of him!
After our picnic we got in the car and kept on driving. It was a beautiful drive. Lots of flowers and what not.
Okay in this picture....I know you can't see it very well but in the top right corner you see a dot of white...well that is snow. Yes in July there is still snow in the mountains. Imagine that!
Here is a picture of Brent's parents! Here is me and Brent! We really had a great 4th of July. To end the great Vacation we had a chance to go on a private tour of the Twin Falls Temple! It made the trip complete. It is such a beautiful temple. I recommend all go to go sometime and check it out! Thanks family for such a great Holiday!!!

4th of July

Brent and I had the opportunity to go home for the 4th. My brother and his family from Washington come down also. We really a had a great time. My mom bought some fireworks and we set them off on the 3rd. But we had extras to do on the 4th also. We went to the parade in Rupert and then we just hung out and had a BBQ and went boating the rest of the day. It was really fun.

Here is a picture of my nephew and nieces Brogan, Ava and Vy. These kids make me laugh so hard. Brogan and Ava are 3 and a half and they are also just a few weeks apart and Vy is 6. In this picture they are patiently waiting for the "Little kids fireworks"
Here is a picture of the boat. We were a little hesitant to take it out on the 4th because it is so busy. We decided to go for a ride. We all go loaded and we started to leak oil like crazy...come to find out we didn't have the oil filter on correctly. We got it fixed and added more oil to the boat and we were on our merry way. We were out and about looking at some new houses and luckily we were going slower and we glazed over a sand bar. It didn't do anything to the boat but it defiantly slowed the boat down! Haha good thing that the kids were wearing life jackets and that Aunt Joni was on the look out to grab one kid from flying out!
Here are the "little kids fireworks" going off on the putting green at my mom's house.
Here is a back picture of Ava and Vy. Ava had her arm around Vy. I thought it was just darling! Ava doesn't get to see her cousins Vy and Bo bo very often...but you can tell that she misses them very much!

Here is a picture that I took of me and Brent. He went and helped his dad move water on his farm during the day on the 4th. Boy was I excited to see him return! We had a great night by building a fire and roasting marshmallows and watching the neighbors fireworks show and telling funny stories with my family about when we were kids!

2 Years

On June 29th it was our 2 year of when we first met. Its amazing how fast time goes by. I went and got my hair done and I came home and I had these beautiful yellow roses waiting for me! I'm so lucky to have such a great hubby! Hurray for 2 years and many more to come!! Love ya Brent!!!