Thursday, December 15, 2011


Dane is getting to be so fun! He is starting to talk and talk so much more and oh yeah...he is walking too!! He is constantly making us smile. Here are a few pictures that might bring a smile to your face!
He saw me in the flour one day and thought he should give it a try too!!
FAVORITE thing to play with while I'm getting ready for the day!
Cookies for breakfast? We don't have rules at our house!!
Despicable Me fixes EVERYTHING even when your sick!! (Notice his arm is around his pup pup...he LOVES dogs!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 Months

Our little Man is 15 months. We took him to the Doctor and he is as healthy as can be!

Weight: 27.7 Lbs (84th%)
Height: 34 Inches (98th%)
Head Circ.: 18 3/4 Inches (63rd%)

He brings so much joy and so many smiles to our face!
Some of the fun things he is doing....
*in the process of walking
*officially been off a bottle for 3 months now
*eats anything and everything
*favorite movie, Despicable ME
*favorite drink, Gatorade
*favorite candy, Starbursts
*has had 2 hair cuts now
*says Pup pup, book, bath, Dada, yum yums, whats that, yes,
*points to things if I don't understand what he is saying
*is starting to jabber a lot more
*loves to talk on the phone to Brent
*knows what a turkey, sheep, Santa, cow etc. says. (He obviously won't say them on command...kinda stubborn that way!)
*is into books & puzzles
*LOVES his grandparents
*covers his eyes when we play peak-a-boo
*loves to be chased on his 4-wheeler down the hall. (He tends to pop wheelies cause he is going so fast!)
*L.O.V.E.S always throwing his hands in the air or nodding his head to the beat...once in a while he will throw a leg kick in there too!
*tries to do and say everything we do
*starting to transition to 1 nap a day
*sleeps in until 8:30ish or later everyday
*has to sleep with his soft blanket and his pup pup
*enjoys being around other kids his age
I'm sure there is more but we are just so happy to have this sweet boy in our family. There is just something about him that will just brighten your day!! Love ya Dane!!