Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Island Park

A few weeks ago we got to escape off to Island Park with Brent's family! We had such a good time and Brent was able to take a few extra days off.
We made sure to bring the movies and LOTS of treats since it was a 6 hour trip! (We didn't have to turn on the movie until we were about 3 hours into the trip. Which was better than what I expected. Dane is a really good traveler. Next trip we need to plan is PASCO!!) We stopped in Idaho Falls for a few hours to have lunch with Ry & Barb (which was so good to see them ) and let Dane get his wiggles out!
Dane was the only grand kid up there so he got a lot of attention from everyone. His favorite was to go into Grandma and Grandpa's room and turn on tv and watch it in their bed! We also went swimming, played ping pong & racquetball. We also made sure to get lots of game time, sewing pillows & good food in too.
Dane had such a fun time playing in the snow. My sis in law Joni got him a sled for Christmas so we finally got to use it. It was really his first time playing in the snow and LOVED it! He would drag his hand in the snow and then eat the snow off his glove.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My mom is simply the best! She always sends the grand kids a package for the holidays. Dane was SO excited to open his Valentines package!
His favorite movie for the past 4 months has been Despicable Me. We have watched it so much that I was worried we were going to wear it out. So thank goodness Gram came to the rescue and got us another copy just in case something happens! Along with some yummy chocolates and some pup pup stickers! We had such a great Valentines. It was pretty low key but to say the least we got to have pink waffles for dinner and played some good 'ol Mario on the Wii! (That was Brent's present).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

**Happy Birthday Brent**

We got to celebrate Brent's Birthday on Ground Hogs Day! We had such a fun day. We had a surprise visit from his parents and so Brent worked half a day and we went shopping and out to dinner! The weekend before we met up with my mom and Steve in Brigham City and had lunch. That was a blast!
We LOVE Cheese Cake Factorys White Chocolate Wild Blueberry cheese cake. So I got on line to see if I could find the recipe. Well to much success it was a hit! It was so yummy and I will for sure be making it again!
Hope you had a Happy Birthday Brent! We are so happy that we got to spend the day with you!!