Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Weekend

Sorry we are a little late posting. But over Easter weekend we had a chance to go to one of Brent's good friends wedding in Idaho Falls. We went with Brent's parents and we ended up staying the night at the Red Lion. It was really fun. We had a wonderful view of the Idaho Falls Temple right out our room!! (Congrats Ian and Amy!!)

I'm still a kid at heart and I always will be one. Haha we made sugar cookies on Easter Eve and so right before we went to bed, I wanted to write the Easter Bunny a note! I wrote it with my left hand to make it look like a little kid wrote it and I also wrote some of my letters backwards. I also left him a sugar cookie for him to eat! I had to take a picture of the letter I wrote so you could get an idea.....

Well Sunday morning came mom came knocking on my door and insisted that we came out because the Easter Bunny had came! So being all excited and giddy I ran out to the kitchen to see what he had brought us! He wrote a letter back that reads.......
I was laughing so hard. The Easter Bunny was really creative this year....I told him that there were some carrots in the fridge if he was still hungry after the sugar cookie.....
I looked over by the fridge and sure enough there were some half eatten carrots on the floor!
Then the Easter Bunny seemed to have an accident under the chair while he was eatting his cookies and carrots!!! Haha
Here is his half eaten delicious sugar cookies that he took a BIG 'ol bit out!
Here is the pretty basket of goodies that he left!!
We colored these pretty Easter eggs on Saturday night. When the Easter Bunny left a note for us he said that he hid 10 eggs...but he was being pretty sneaky...he really hid 11. We almost forgot one in the window. That would of been bad!!
Here is a picture of me and Brent getting ready to go to church!! I got a pretty new Easter dress so I was pretty excited!!
I ended up taking Monday off too because Brent had Spring Break and so we hung around. This picture was taken at my moms house. We got our golf clubs out and we started to hit our golf balls over the river. I tell you what....this is probably one of my favorite things to do. We hit hot pink balls over there so we could go and find them. Later on...Brent and Steve got in the canoe and rowed over to retrieve the balls.
Here is a close up of them digging in the trees trying to find the ball! We had probably the best weekend over! It was great to spend some time with our families!