Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had such a great time in Mexico. I have never been catered so great in my life! The resort was priceless!!! We arrived and they brought us a wet clean towel to cool down from the travels and the humidity! Our rooms were amazing!!!

The resort was beautiful! The sand was so pretty and pure white! It felt so good on our feet. When we would go to the beach, the waiter would come and cater us all day long and make sure that we didn't run low on our Strawberry Colada! Can we say that by the time that the trip ended, me and Brent had turned into Strawberries due to drinking them so much!!! The food there was excellent! There were like 5 or so restaurants to choose from every night and we tried them all and everything was so good!

The weather was perfect, a little overcast but yet still warm! We went snorkeling and Brent went golfing. But other than that, we were totally beach bums!! We would always go out and play in the waves too! That was fun. Its something about the waves that just mesmerizes you. There were some dogs that would always come and visit on the dot of 11:30 everyday for lunch time! We aren't sure where they came from, there were 2 banded resorts next to us so I'm sure they hung out there! People would always feed them too. They would run whenever they saw someone from the resorts. They reminded me of a dog that me and my brothers used to have out on the farm and his name was Poochie! Also at the swimming pool there were some iguanas that would like to bask in the sun and lay out on the rocks!

It was weird to think that it was Christmas time since it was 85 degrees out side. We went to breakfast one day and we saw that they made a ginger bread house! That was neat. They also had a really cool tall tree too. I didn't get a real good picture of it.

Here are a few random pictures that were taken of me and Brent!

Congrats to Brent for graduating school! I'm so proud of him and for all the hard work that he has put forth! This trip was good for both of us to kind of wind down. But I guess that the next step in life we have to grow up! Haha but we will still be kids at heart!

Here are some pictures of the resort and the day we left the sun was shining. So of course, I wear flip flops and shorts. When we land in Salt Lake, its snowing and we have to wait for our hotel to come get us and it takes like 30 mins. To say the list my toes pretty much fell off! Oh well, I brought it all on myself!! Haha

Also congrats to Sammy and Wes! We will have a new future brother in law! They got engaged over the trip. We are so excited for them and can't wait to help plan a wedding!!! Thanks mom and Steve for such a great time! This will be one Christmas that we will not forget!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

What have we been up to lately?! Well, a lot has been going on. First we will start with Thanksgiving. We had a great Thanksgiving. We were able to go home and spent time with Family. Unfortunately, I had to work the day after so me, Brent and Brent's mom Lee Ann all piled in the car at 4:30 am to take me back to work in Boise! They went out and did some Christmas shopping while I was at work and then they came by to check on me at 2 and my manager said that I could leave at 3!!! YAHOO!! That was the best news ever! We were able to drive back home to Burley and spend the rest of the weekend there!

As for Brent, he is graduating from BSU in a week! Can we say how EXCITED we are?! I'm so proud of him and how he has worked so hard on his school work. We decided that we needed to get away so my mom surprised us and is taking us on a vacation to.......

Yup, that is right Cancun, Mexico. In one week from TODAY we will be in Mexico drinking our pina colda!! Can't wait. We are going to hold a special ceremony on the beach for Brent's graduation!

As for the job, we are in the process of packing things up AGAIN...yes Brent just reminded me that this is move number 3 for the year! We found out that Brent is going to be in Twin Falls for about a year working on a project there for W.W. Clyde and then we will make our way down to Utah! We are so excited to be closer to our family and we will still get to see my brother and his family in Washington quite a few more times! Also, a new little nephew is on the way in January so I will be able to be there to meet him too!

Merry Christmas to all and hope everyone has a happy holiday! We will post some more pictures when we get back from our wonderful much needed vaca!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Year Older...

Yesterday marked my 24th birthday!! I would have to say that this has been the best birthday so far due to my wonderful husband making sure that the day was very special. I always joke around that not only do I have 1 special day, but it last for a WEEK! So I call it my BIRTHDAY WEEK!! It started out with my mom coming last weekend and we went shopping and out to dinner. I had to work, but the girls at work made it fun with decorating my station at the Bank and making triple chocolate cupcakes! My best friend took me to lunch at Costa and then my dad came into town and we went out to dinner! Then to top the night off, we had a knock on our door and it was our other best friends and she made me this really cute cake!!! She is so creative at what she does and it was SOOO good!!!!

Thank you friends and family for calling and making my day so special!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Happy Halloween to all! We had a great Halloween! We carved pumpkins, hung out with our Family and made some wonderful cookies! We went down Harrison Blvd. on Saturday night and saw Thriller the movie and there were some wonderful dancers perform the Thriller dance. They did such a great job! Then we went down town and watched people and boy was that a GOOD place to do so! We dressed up as Boise State Fans....considering there was a Home game on Saturday!

Here are the good cookies that I decided to make with candy corn Hersey kisses!! YUM-O!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Brent got offered a job from W.W. Clyde (the company that he worked for over the summer in Utah)! We are so very thankful to have a job waiting for us while Brent is finishing school! Mean while, I'm working with Home Federal Bank! Its great to be back and I'm at a different location so its been great meeting new people!

Labor Day Weekend

This last Labor Day Weekend we had a chance to go to Sun Valley to spend time with Dad and Lupe then headed to Burley to spend time with our other families! We went to Sun Valley on Thursday night because we don't have cable here in Boise and that was the night Boise St. was playing the Oregon Ducks! VERY IMPORTANT!!! (Let alone, Brent doesn't have school on Fridays either) So, my dad and Lupe met us up there and we had a Nacho buffet and we stuffed ourselves and watched the game! The next day we hung around checked out some yard sales and went to the CHOCOLATE FACTORY and got this delicious apple!! YUM-O whats a trip to Sun Valley without going to the Chocolate Factory?!
To say the least we got spoiled up there too! Lupe fixed us some of her famous ribs that fell off the bone and melted in your mouth!! Now that we are back from vacations we are working out to pay the price!!

We went to the car show when we were there! Brent was in HEAVEN! There were a lot of older GTO so he took a few pictures.
We then headed to Burley on Saturday night and spent the rest of the time with Brent's family! It was fun having a fire pit and cooking hot dogs and marshmallows, hanging out with Scott and the fam, playing games and racing out to church!!;)

New Apt!

Here are a few pictures of our apt that we are currently living in for a few months! It was a bit scary at first but day by day its starting to feel like home. We have super nice neighbors and we are so excited about that!!

Here is our spacious kitchen!

Here is our lovely living room with a wonderful fireplace!

My favorite is our bedroom!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back in Boise!

We are in Boise and we have survived our first week and a half so far! Things are going great. First, we got to our apt. and our friends came to help us move in! Thank you!! We live in a great neighbor hood. Everyone is so friendly! Brent is taking about 12 credits his last semester of school! So, to say the least, he has some free time on his hands. Here are a few things we have been doing since we have some free time together......

Here is our wonderful swimming pool!! We love to go and hang out there, catch some Vitamin D!

This is our favorite TV show, Scurbs. Season 8 just came out last Tuesday and to say the least we finished it on Sunday! Haha

I will be starting work sometime at the bank. They have been rearranging people so I have been lucky to hang out with Brent. I have also been taking advantage hanging out with our friends and going out to lunch with them and doing things that we usually don't get to do! We are definitely LIVING it UP while this is our last and final semester at school!!!! We currently don't have the Internet so I come with Brent to school every now and then and will update our blog. I took pictures of our place but the computer doesn't have a slot of my card. So that will just have to wait!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Move # 2

Yes, it is time again to move!! We have enjoyed our stay in Utah and we hope to maybe come back when Brent graduates in December! But on the other hand, we are really excited to go back to our great friends in Boise! We are leaving Utah on Friday and making a pit stop in Rupert to pick up some furniture and we will continue our journy on Saturday morning!
Boise here we come!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My little Monkeys!

We just ABSOLUTELY LOVE our little nieces and nephew!!! They always make us laugh. This last weekend we had a chance to go to Idaho to meet up with my brothers (my one bro and his fam came from Washington). We had such a great time and I just can't believe how fast the little Monkeys grow!

Here is Ava, I was making cookies and she got the bar stool and came over to help me, I stepped away for a second to get some flour and I came back and she was smacking her lips saying, " Mmmm Carrie this is really good, I have to test it to make sure its good!" Haha when I was finished I gave her the beaters and she had it all over her face as you can tell! She is just the cutest thing ever and she is always saying something to make you laugh!!!

Then we got Brogan, AKA Iron man or Spider man, just depends on the day! After this weekend we realized that Brogan and Brent have a lot in common. It must be that they share the same birthday Feb 2nd aka Ground Hogs Day! They were always both in their jammies, picking out the BLUE M&M's and Brogan wanted to have hair like Brents! Haha

Last, but not least, little Vy Jai! She is getting so big and she is getting out of the little stage and wants to play with hair and paint toes and all that fun girl stuff! So I wanted to make her feel special so I did her hair and we painted our toes the same color!! Oh yes, we can't forget the Barbies, we had lots of Barbie playing time also! Cartoon time is always a must, especially when they are with their Auntie Caroline!

I just love my little Monkeys and can't wait for our new little nephew to arrive so I can spoil him too!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


This last week we went home for an evening and my mom offered to give us some fresh produce from her wonderful garden! I was super excited so I got my thinking cap on and wanted to make a yummy dinner!
Well, we just love Salmon so we had that with some fresh red potatoes, which are sooo delicious fresh out of the garden, as my mom would say, "It tastes like candy!" Then some fresh veggies to top it off!!! Brent and I were in HEAVEN!
(Me and my mom a few weeks ago in St. George)
Thanks Mamma for sharing with us! We can't wait to hopefully have a wonderful garden like you next year!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr. George Strait

Here we are at the Usana Amphitheater in Salt Lake! We had a great time, it was hot for a while, but then it was perfect after a while!
Me and Brent waiting for the concert to begin. Julianne Hough opened first and she did okay. Black Shelton was 2nd and he was really good! He interacted with the audience and he was fun to listen to.
Then we have Mr. George Strait himself! My camera is totally old school so I didn't get very good pictures of him and the video isn't really high quality either. (Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera!!) We were amazed at how many older songs that he played. It was a great concert! Jazzy made us a poster that said "WE LOVE YOU GEORGE!" We held it up for a bit, but we didn't want the people behind us to get mad, we saved the poster so we will take pictures of it! Thanks Jazzy!

Thanks Mom for inviting us with you!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

24 Hours Until....

Yep, thats right, only one more day until GEORGE!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Me and Brent decided last minute on Thursday night that we were gonna head to St. George for the holiday! We had a fun packed holiday! Lots of golfing, swimming, laying out, shopping and laughing!
Here we are on our way to go to the fireworks!

Here are the 3 chickadees in our 3-D glasses. They make the fireworks look cool!!!
I got a shot of the fireworks! They were really cool. This was only my 2nd 4th of July of not being in Rupert Idaho and I have to say that I had a blast. I used to think that there wasn't anything better than Rupert! Haha as I was telling my brother he said, "So you mean there is life outside of Rupert?" YES!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 Years and Counting....

It has been 3 years yesterday since me and Brent first met and had our first date. Wow, I can't believe how time flys. To celebrate we went to and got food to go and went to the park and had a picnic! After that we went and got frozen yogurt and then topped it off and went to the driving range to hit some golf balls! Another funny thing is we went to Ice Age 2 on our first date and it just so happens that Ice Age 3 is coming out on Wednesday. So that is a defiant must! Thanks Brent for all the joy you bring into my life!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This last weekend me and Brent had the opportunity to go up to Spanish Fork Canyon with our friends John, Kelli and Brent (John's brother) to shoot guns. We had a blast!! It was really pretty and green up there too. Everyone was taking turns shooting guns and Brent was like "Okay Carrie, its your turn now!" I was like "Naaa I'm good. I'll just watch!"
I haven't shot a gun since my senior year when we went to Prom. We went on a BIG group date and everyone shot and me and Katie were the only girls that hit a clay pigeon!!! That's because us true farm girls know how to do it right!
Well, after watching Kelli hit a few I figure ahh what the heck, I can do it!! To say the least, I shot 2 clay pigeons out of 3. Haha I wanted to stop there because I figure I was doing pretty good. Brent was doing a good job at reminding me how to hold the gun and what not. I owe it up to my brothers too! I know that they would be so proud of me shooting a 12 gauge shotgun! When we were younger, we would always go out on the farm and look for rock chucks and other random wild life!
To say the least, we really had a great time!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend of FUN!

This last weekend we had the opportunity to get away! My mom called us up on Thursday and asked if we wanted to go to St. George with them for the weekend. I was able to get work off and we decided why not...lets go. I haven't been to St. George in like 10 years, but Brent's grandparents used to live there so he has been quite a bit. We are always up for road trips too. Let alone there is NEVER a dole moment when we are all together!!!
We had a weekend full of laughing, shopping, eating and going to the movies! We went to UP in 3-D! It was really cool and the movie was really good. We haven't gone to a 3-D movie before so it was really fun. Here is me and Brent wearing our cool glasses!!!

Here is the rest of the crew in their glasses!! We got to hang out with Sammy too. She is living in St. George now (lucky) just working. Thanks Sammy for letting us crash at your place!!
Thanks guys for inviting us to come with you! We had a such a great time! We can't wait to do it again!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

You go GEORGE!!

Yep that's right, George Strait got the ACM Artist of the Decade last night! There is honestly no one like George! He has been a favorite in our family since I can remember. (My brother dressing up like George and wearing his hat and singing to us!! That is the best memory.) Two and a half years ago Steve gave my mom tickets to see George in Boise. We had the time of our life's. Me and my mom screamed like little girls. We had the best seats EVER! (Thanks Steve) We even got to make eye contact with him!! Whoot whoot!! Well, we all thought that, that was the end of George's touring career but SURPRISE...hes coming again. This time to Salt Lake! We are all going again. We won't have as good of seats but its the fact of being there in his presence and with my mom and Steve!!
Thanks George for making the BEST MUSIC EVER!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our First Weekend in Utah

Well, we have arrived in Utah and we have survived our first weekend! We got into town on Thursday night around 6 and we had 2 hours to unload our cars and get dinner because Grey's Anatomy Season Finale was going to be on! To say the least, we did it! Friday was Brent's first day of work! He really had a good time. We are really excited and hope that things work out with W.W. Clyde! While Brent was at work, I got our apt all situated!
Here is a picture of the Kitchen!
Here is our cute living room!
Our cozy bedroom!
Thanks to the girls at Home Federal. They got me this really cute Cyclamen and tricked me and took me out to dinner at Costa Vita on my last day! I haven't killed the plant yet so that is good. In fact there is another bloom coming! I work at American Eagle again and that is fun. Talk about old times! I did a floor set and talk about me being RUSTY!! I haven't done that kind of stuff for 3 years. I gotta get back in the groove!! Its a little weird having some free time on my hands too! Its kind of nice once in a while!