Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Move # 2

Yes, it is time again to move!! We have enjoyed our stay in Utah and we hope to maybe come back when Brent graduates in December! But on the other hand, we are really excited to go back to our great friends in Boise! We are leaving Utah on Friday and making a pit stop in Rupert to pick up some furniture and we will continue our journy on Saturday morning!
Boise here we come!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My little Monkeys!

We just ABSOLUTELY LOVE our little nieces and nephew!!! They always make us laugh. This last weekend we had a chance to go to Idaho to meet up with my brothers (my one bro and his fam came from Washington). We had such a great time and I just can't believe how fast the little Monkeys grow!

Here is Ava, I was making cookies and she got the bar stool and came over to help me, I stepped away for a second to get some flour and I came back and she was smacking her lips saying, " Mmmm Carrie this is really good, I have to test it to make sure its good!" Haha when I was finished I gave her the beaters and she had it all over her face as you can tell! She is just the cutest thing ever and she is always saying something to make you laugh!!!

Then we got Brogan, AKA Iron man or Spider man, just depends on the day! After this weekend we realized that Brogan and Brent have a lot in common. It must be that they share the same birthday Feb 2nd aka Ground Hogs Day! They were always both in their jammies, picking out the BLUE M&M's and Brogan wanted to have hair like Brents! Haha

Last, but not least, little Vy Jai! She is getting so big and she is getting out of the little stage and wants to play with hair and paint toes and all that fun girl stuff! So I wanted to make her feel special so I did her hair and we painted our toes the same color!! Oh yes, we can't forget the Barbies, we had lots of Barbie playing time also! Cartoon time is always a must, especially when they are with their Auntie Caroline!

I just love my little Monkeys and can't wait for our new little nephew to arrive so I can spoil him too!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


This last week we went home for an evening and my mom offered to give us some fresh produce from her wonderful garden! I was super excited so I got my thinking cap on and wanted to make a yummy dinner!
Well, we just love Salmon so we had that with some fresh red potatoes, which are sooo delicious fresh out of the garden, as my mom would say, "It tastes like candy!" Then some fresh veggies to top it off!!! Brent and I were in HEAVEN!
(Me and my mom a few weeks ago in St. George)
Thanks Mamma for sharing with us! We can't wait to hopefully have a wonderful garden like you next year!!